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Join Blu’ Island Bistro on Easter


Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL) will be open this Easter - Sunday, April 5th for breakfast and lunch. We’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding Easter already, and yes! we are open and will be ready to serve you and your family.

Chef Alan is busy creating a special holiday Easter menu for you to enjoy this year. Make plans with your family and friends to enjoy Easter at Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL). Leave the stress and mess to us - enjoy your time and your meal!

See you Sunday, April 5th for either breakfast or lunch at Blu’ Island Bistro! If you’ve never dined with us, Blu' Island Bistro is attached to the Island Sun Inn Hotel and just South of Venice Hospital. A few blocks away from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

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Chef Alan’s Hellacious Hot Sauce - Perfect for the 'Hot One’ in Your Life!


Shake things up this Valentine’s Day - give your HOT Valentine’s Day date the gift that they will love - Chef Alan’s Hellacious Hot Sauce! That’s right. Tell them just how spicy you think they are.

Chef Alan’s Hellacious Hot Sauce can be used with soups, fish, meat dishes, & poultry and everything in between! Want to give it a try before gifting this HOT gift to someone you love this Valentine’s Day? No problem! We have it available at Blu’ Island Bistro (Venice, FL) for your tasting pleasure. You and your HOT date are sure to love it - but a bottle (or two) and heat up your Valentine’s Day!!/Chef-Alans-Hellacious-Sauce/p/39272835/category=10275206

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