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We Are Habit Forming

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When you come to Venice's favorite Blu' Island Bistro, be warned: we are habit forming! Chef Alan's delectable creations are so tantalizingly good, you're going to want to try them all. Whether you choose a fresh, fluffy omelet or customized eggs Benedict, our famous corned beef hash, or frittata with fresh seasonal fruit, there are no mediocre choices here at Blu' Island Bistro! Everything at Blu' Island Bistro is prepared to order and hand-crafted with market-fresh ingredients. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your dining experience! Come early and come often. Regular meals with Blu' Island Bistro is a great habit to savor time and time again. We look forward to feeding you!

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Get Up In Our Grill!


Blu Island Bistro (Venice, FL) boasts one of the greatest mainstays of favorite cuisine, the all-American hamburger. But these aren't just regular burgers, they are some of Sarasota's finest! We change our burger specials almost daily, but every burger we make is grilled to perfection, seasoned just right, and topped with the freshest ingredients in the tastiest combinations our award-winning Chef Alan can come up with!

Come experience for yourself Venice, Florida's best burgers. Find out why our Angus half-pound burgers made the list of Ticket Sarasota's Best Burgers. You may just have to try them all!

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