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Okay, okay, you're probably sick of election coverage by now. Blu' Island Bistro (Venice, FL) is here to offer a much more delicious alternative! That's right, Venice Reader's Choice awards are upon us, and we need your support! Make sure you cast your votes for Blu' Island Bistro by November 29th. Voting is online and couldn't be simpler. What's more, no other election offers you such a mouth-watering ballot! Blu' Island Bistro encourages you to update your taste buds with our latest signature selections, so you can make an informed decision on Best Breakfast, Best Lunch, Best Brunch, and Best Caterer! Blu' Island Bistro is always #1 with our customers, now we'd love the first place award to prove it! Vote Blu' Island Bistro to #1 in Venice Reader's Choice Awards today!

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Great Food and Great Service


Blu' Island Bistro is a Venice, FL restaurant that has mastered the balance between gourmet food and a relaxed island ambiance. Come to the best restaurant in Venice for the best of both worlds.

Great Food and Great Service It's no surprise that Blu’ Island Bistro is all about immersing our guests in an eclectic island atmosphere. You will always be greeted at the door with a smile from one of our servers and our wait staff are always on hand, ready to answer any questions, offer recommendations, or bring any refills you might need. You’ll feel relaxed and cared for when you visit Blu’ Island Bistro. Our chefs are masters in their crafts and have years of experience concocting unusual taste combinations that fuse together perfectly. You might find it difficult to choose just one thing from the menu since all of our food is made to the highest standards of taste and quality.

Visit us today at Blu' Island Bistro and see why our guests can’t get enough of our amazing food, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and great Venice, FL lunch specials. Everyone is sure to find something they love on our menu.

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